Anime Overlord (Anime)
Overlord was one novel that was turned into films. And later they made the TV series for the same. Total three seasons were made out of the novels content. And fourth season seems to be pending. There is not much news about this anime. I enjoyed this anime for many reasons. The story is good, the lead character is shown super OP. And even best part is that there are lot of elements in it that will keep you wanting to watch more. 

Have you seen this anime or read the Novel?
I am disappointed that there is no announcement regarding 4th season, hope we get a new release this anime was so damn good! The story is not like any random isekai, it immerses you into the new wold.

Few gifs from this awesome series
[Image: 1dm9b5.gif]

[Image: 5db6r9.gif]

[Image: lnjc2t.gif]
A few buddies of mine are massive fans of the series. I have yet to watch it. They have been recommending it to me all year. I have too much to watch right now, otherwise, I would have started it.

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