Announcement Rules & Guidelines
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Rules & Guidelines

It is important to read the rules and get an understanding of what is and what is NOT allowed in the theAddikt community. Rules are important as they keep the community clean, safe, and fun for all.

  Spamming NOT Allowed
  • Spamming links or your content around the board is not allowed
  • Repeating the same message in multiple posts is not allowed
  • Making low quality comments to achieve the 3 daily post rule is not allowed

  Comments That Are NOT ALLOWED
  • Jibberish comments such as "fesbdhbdf diuwbnfwc"
  • Low quality effortless posts.
  • Spam/link spamming comments
  • Bullying/harassing other members
  • Racist comments
  • Discuss/post illegal activities/content (warez, hacks, drugs, etc.)
  • Post or link to porn, gore, or shock site material etc.
  • Posting links to viruses or other malicious content
  • Posting ANY personal information/pictures about ANY member without his/her permission.
 Misc. Rules
  • Staff decisions are final. Do not question staff actions
  • Sell/giveaway phished/cracked accounts/content
  • Impersonate Staff Members
  • Spamming/advertising a similar or competing site.

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