Announcement Welcome to The Addikt
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Welcome to the Addikt, this is a brand new community about our most agressive and common addiction which is gaming. 

Before your think "Meh, just another gaming and anime forum" let me explain you what seperates us from the others.

Our goal is to build a community with a team that listens to its users. We want to listen to your needs, expectations and opinions. We also want to provide you with a great community backing up with the same passion and addiction towards gaming, anime and manga. 

We know that there is a lot of room to improve our board with bug fixes, new features and maybe even new categories. We will update with changelogs to notify you about the changes we made with our categories, themes, etc.

Upcoming features and updates

Just a few bullet points for upcoming updates and tasks.
  • Adding more categories
  • Upgrading theme, tweaks.
  • Profile system upgrade and enchancement
  • New point system
  • Award system
Leave this topic, browse through some topics, share your stuff and be a part of something special that we are going to create together.

We didn't come this far to only come this far.

Sincerely, Staff

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