Changelog Updates on Forum
Date: 10-07-2019
Added - Prefixes to topics with styles, Started with Announcement Forum , More Prefixes to come!
Added - Prefixes related to youtube used by all members.
Added - Theme Upgraded to latest. CSS fixes.
Hello @sappy thanks for the invitation to this community, i am certain this is going to be a huge success.
Date: 10-08-2019
Changed Forum and Categories. Reduced the clutter at start.
Date: 10-09-2019
Added: Points to theAddikt will enable awards at a later stage!
Date: 10-10-2019
Added: Forum UX changes to suit a full pageview.
Changed: Group Members/username display.
Added: Board stats.
Added: Custom Profile Backgrounds.
I just wanted to say, I like the update thread. Not a lot of places care to detail members on every update they do. It is good to hear about the changes and know what is going on. Looking forward to seeing this place expand and grow larger.
Date: 18-10-2019

Added: CDN support to images on board and avatars.

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